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The Power of News: Value to Consumers Means Value for Brands

Whether checking the latest sports results, surveying market trends, or getting updates on the latest current events, news content plays a major role in the everyday lives of millions of people. But, although consumers see great value in reading/watching news, many marketers find it a difficult space to navigate content-wise.

In this Nielsen Media Labs study, commissioned by News Corp/NewsIQ, we set out to measure the effectiveness and safety of news in comparison to other major publisher categories. The goal was to create a report to help guide marketers on how to benefit from the value news publishers create with their consumers.

Our key findings indicate:

  • News sites drive a significantly higher increase in both purchase intent and recommendation than other publishing categories such as sports, travel, food and entertainment
  • News content helps increase positive brand perception and brand affinity
  • Negative or political news content is no more likely to adversely impact consumer attitude towards a brand than any other publisher category


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